Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays

Digital X-ray or digital radiography is a preventive and diagnostic tool that uses electric sensors to capture, visualize, and store digital X-ray images of the patient's oral cavity on a computer screen. The goodness of digital X-ray is that it offers comparatively lesser radiation as compared to conventional X-rays. 

What are the benefits of digital radiography?

A digital X-rays help provide valuable information about the patient's oral cavity, and this data would allow the dentist to precisely detect suspicious or hidden abnormalities of the teeth, jawbone, and gums. Dental X-rays help reveal cysts, bone loss, lesions, decay, positions of the root, detect developmental abnormalities, etc.

Digital radiography technology can offer patients more than just digital imaging, but also a number of other features. They provide techniques to brighten and manually adjust the contrast of images. This makes it easy to visualize hairline fractures and soft tissues. Digitization of images makes it easier to access and simpler for documentation. 

How safe are digital X-rays?

When compared to traditional X-rays, digital X-rays offer a significantly low level of radiation. This feature makes it a good diagnostic tool for preventive care and would not require the need to take multiple X-rays. Although digital X-rays do not produce too much radiation, the dentist would take necessary precautions to ensure to limit radiation exposure. 

Preparing For Your Digital X-ray

Taking a digital X-ray is easier than you think. About any X-ray procedure would require taking the same amount of precaution and preparation. The radiologist would advise you to wear loose clothing that is comfortable and remove any metallic items from your body.

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