Intraoral Camera

Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera is a pen-sized wand connected to a computing unit, through which a movie of the inner mouth is created. This movie can be zoomed up to 30 times to view every aspect of the teeth in full color. 

Intraoral cameras show a unique view of every tooth, which makes it easy for the dentist to explain the patient about the diagnosis and keep them informed about the treatment decisions. Routine dental appointments are changing due to this incredibly valuable tool.

What are the primary uses of intraoral cameras?

Giving an honest assessment of the patient, some of the significant uses of intraoral cameras are:

Dental education –These intraoral cameras can help provide patient education as well as preventive care to be carried out. They reveal areas where home hygiene may not be enough. Any other problems are resolved before they get complicated, and treatment can be provided accordingly.

Exposing hidden problems – The symptoms of conditions like gum disease and oral cancer are detected in their earliest stages. The intraoral camera can help focus more attention on these issues to the dentist and the patient.

Treatment planning –It is easy to understand an issue when it is shown and explained to the patient. When the dentist recommends specific treatments about tooth decay and problem teeth helps patients understand that they are for maximum health benefits and aesthetics.

Assessing progress –Some treatments affect the teeth at a slow pace. The intraoral camera allows making alterations on treatments along the way, to acquire the desired results.

Eliminating uncertainty – Keeping in mind the patient’s fear while the dentist performs treatments, the intraoral camera focuses on the area that has a problem, making them less likely to refuse necessary treatments.

Referrals to specialists – At times, the patient might need to be referred to a specialist for complicated treatment. The better this specialist views clear images of the teeth beforehand, the lesser the consultation time and cost will be taken.

How is the intraoral camera used?

The intraoral camera is a pen-shaped and sized device, covered with a disposable sheath. The sheath makes sure that the germs don’t transmit from one patient to another. This slim little wand is inserted and rotated in the mouth to record clear pictures of each tooth. 

The computing unit to which it is connected turns the pictures into movie format. Hence, the magnified images denote the noticeable problems. Another best thing about it is that the patient isn’t exposed to any radiation. This diagnostic tool is handy and versatile.

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