Periodontal Treatments

Periodontal Treatments

Periodontitis is one of the most serious oral infections. It is a disease affecting the gum tissues and could result in symptoms such as the decay of gums, jawbone deterioration, bleeding gums, loosening of the teeth from their sockets, etc. At our dental practice, we offer the best and most comprehensive treatment solutions to periodontitis.

What causes periodontitis?

The major cause of periodontitis is the accumulated plaque and tartar on the surface of the teeth. Tartar is filled with harmful bacteria that release acids when they feed on the food debris left in the mouth. These acids infect the gum tissues and cause decay of tissues. What starts as a minor inflammation gradually worsens over time if left untreated and gives rise to more severe symptoms. Other causes of gum diseases could be improper oral hygiene, injury to the gums, root canal infection, etc.


When individuals contract gum diseases, the gums could reduce in volume due to the decay of tissues and receding of the gum line. This can ruin the appearance of their smile and also upset their oral health massively. Hence, we recommend certain treatment procedures to halt the spread of infection and replenish the volume of tissues in the gums. They are laser therapy and gum grafting.

Laser therapy : Laser is known to have several applications in dentistry, out of which the treatment of gum diseases is one. A beam of laser will be used to vaporize the decayed tissues and instantly seal the wound. This wouldn't be painful nor lead to bleeding. Also, you wouldn't need sutures to seal the wound, which reduces the healing period to just a few days.

Gum grafting : Since the gums could have receded or reduced in volume due to decay, we suggest patients go for a gum graft. This is done to increase the volume of tissues in the gums. We would extract healthy tissues from the roof of the mouth and graft them to the receded area. Within a few days, the newly grafted tissues would fuse with the existing gums and help you get a better smile.

Along with the surgical procedures, we would suggest certain medication, such as Arestin. The medication could be in the form of oral pills or in a powdered form that would be placed directly in between the gums and teeth roots. Placing it in the gum pockets often gives great results and is proved to be highly efficient in reducing the severity of the disease.

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